New Digs!

It has been too long since my last post and while excuses are a dime a dozen, I really do have a good one: we moved! The hubby and the dogs and I moved from the one room shack to the gorgeous but unfinished barn-home that we are lovingly and SLOWLY completing. 

My studio is much more finished, and roomier than the hallway I squashed myself into last year... but at least in that space I knew where everything was. Here... it's a challenge: is that tool in storage, in the old studio, or on the shelf behind me? Who knows?

But with a little elbow grease and some shockingly luscious red paint (yes, I painted one wall of the studio a rich lipstick red -- and the local hummingbirds have been knocking on the windows ever since!), this studio is functional and beautiful and very much in use.

So what am I making? Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, focusing on two main themes: one is organic simplicity and the aquamarine and citrine necklaces really show this off beautifully. Sterling silver chain, and water clear nuggets, tumbled smooth. These are eminently wearable pieces. 

And I am testing out a new supplier and a new direction: RUST! Rusted metal pendants, made in Colorado and each one more compelling than the last. Looking forward to filling Facebook and instagram with the photos as these get finished. 

Always check the facebook page first for the latest in haliagrace doings and updates. And hopefully next time I post, I'll have filled the nail holes and painted the closet.