Bovina Open Barn and Studio Day!

On Saturday, August 19, haliagrace handmade jewelry will open it's doors -- quite literally - welcoming the public in to check out my studio. Sure, I'm a tad nervous about where I'll stash all the dogs and how I'll make this all work, but it will be fun and fabulous. 

Check out this ADORABLE short video starring my dog, Hawkitt, promoting the open studio tour. 

Snacks will be provided by Catskills Regional Harvest and the studio will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For information, maps and more fun videos showing other farmers and artists, visit 


New Digs!

It has been too long since my last post and while excuses are a dime a dozen, I really do have a good one: we moved! The hubby and the dogs and I moved from the one room shack to the gorgeous but unfinished barn-home that we are lovingly and SLOWLY completing. 

My studio is much more finished, and roomier than the hallway I squashed myself into last year... but at least in that space I knew where everything was. Here... it's a challenge: is that tool in storage, in the old studio, or on the shelf behind me? Who knows?

But with a little elbow grease and some shockingly luscious red paint (yes, I painted one wall of the studio a rich lipstick red -- and the local hummingbirds have been knocking on the windows ever since!), this studio is functional and beautiful and very much in use.

So what am I making? Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, focusing on two main themes: one is organic simplicity and the aquamarine and citrine necklaces really show this off beautifully. Sterling silver chain, and water clear nuggets, tumbled smooth. These are eminently wearable pieces. 

And I am testing out a new supplier and a new direction: RUST! Rusted metal pendants, made in Colorado and each one more compelling than the last. Looking forward to filling Facebook and instagram with the photos as these get finished. 

Always check the facebook page first for the latest in haliagrace doings and updates. And hopefully next time I post, I'll have filled the nail holes and painted the closet. 

That was quick...

Did the fall fly by for you too? Here in the western Catskills it was a glorious autumn, with foliage colors rivaling the best I've ever seen.  Late fall is dominated by steely gray skies and rusty brown leaves - the oaks and beeches are the last to let go of their now-ruddy summerwear. Views open up and snowy dustings reveal wildlife comings and goings. We're headed into my season: winter is when I shine. I love everything about winter, including the long dark hours of creating new haliagrace pieces by the fire.

But before we get to winter, we have a few events to share:

November 12 and 13 -- The Craftskills! All day both weekend days in hip-swinging-groovy Bovina Center, NY, two floors of local makers, farm fresh food products, and scrumptious lunch! Details at The Craftskills website or on The Craftskills facebook event.


November 26 -- Open House and Studio at Haliagrace Handmade! Jewelry and house-building! What an eftastic combination! Make the journey out to Bovina Center, NY to see first hand what complete looney tunes Tom and I really are. There will be snacks, beverages, jewelry for sale, and house tours. 1 pm to 4 pm, Saturday, November 26. 


December 3 - Roxbury Arts Group's Holiday Arts Market! Another Delaware County gem of an event, RAG in Roxbury, NY hosts a curated market featuring the best of local makers and their products. Find details at RAG's facebook page.

December 8 -- Make Your Own! Join Heather Rolland at Creative Corner Books in Hobart, NY for an evening earring-making workshop. Make your own gifts this year! $15 per pair; materials and instruction provided. 7 pm to 8:30 pm. Snowdate December 15. And yes, Hobart is the cool village with that new English pub... 

This year, to add to the holiday madness, I broke my wrist and am in a cast! Stop by The Craftskills to sign my cast and chuckle at the curve balls life tosses in our paths -- or blasts like a fastball right at our heads. Duck, laugh, and keep on truckin'! See you soon!

Falling Out of Love with Summer

It's been a hot and humid summer in the Catskills, replete with deer flies large enough to carry off livestock and small children. Summer at higher elevations, like haliagrace's beloved Bramley Mountain home, is a short and intense affair. It gets hot, everything blooms, and then BLAMMO, it's cold and we're all breathing a sigh of relief as we haul firewood. Today's high is forecast to be in the mid 60s and I am almost dancing with delight. This is my kind of August day.

I find it hard to get excited about jewelry when it's hot and sticky out. Sure, lustrous pearls look great contrasted against a little sunburn, but fall is The season for wearing clothes and accessories. This fall, treat yourself to something new - maybe some multicolored tourmaline earrings, or a mostly metal choker (it's on the design board right now!). Here's the run down on in person sales events:

September 4 -- the West Kortright Centre's Fair! haliagrace was psyched to be invited to set up shop at this wonderful country fair. Music and food all day; $5 entrance fee. West Kortright Centre is deep in Delaware County, NY in a gorgeous spot near Bloomville and East Meredith. 

November 12 & 13 -- The Craftskills! This is a yearly show, and each year it just gets better and better. Local all the way, with the proceeds of this year's Craftskills going towards the formation of the Bovina Area Arts Colony, this event is your one stop for a great day - scrumptious food, gorgeous crafts, all made right here in the Bovina environs! Located at the Community Hall in Bovina Center, NY.

Thanksgiving Weekend -- Open House and Studio at haliagrace handmade jewelry! As you may have heard, we're building a new home here on Bramley Mountain, and by November we think we'll be far enough along to open our doors to the public for a day. Come see what happens when two creative wackos design a house to share with a jewelry studio and a pack of rescue dogs! Energy efficient building design meets barn aesthetics and salvaged materials in the most exciting and eclectic mash-up you ever met. And what a great backdrop for haliagrace handmade jewelry! There will be snacks, house tours, and lots of barking!

See you soon! And stay cool!

Delhi Farmer's Market

The Delhi Farmer's Market is a thriving and bounteous affair, with a healthy handful of the best fruit and veggies growers in the region hawking their gems. In addition, Oakworks Studio offers silky smooth wooden creations (cutting boards and spreaders as well as other functional art pieces) and unique handmade jewelry, and Little Delaware Pottery is there with soda fired porcelain and stoneware (LDP is the maker of the Mica mugs). 

And now -- TA DA - haliagrace handmade jewelry will also be there, with eftastic earrings, bracelets, and necklaces! Look for the chocolate eft with raspberry sprinkles (on the banner, but hey, maybe one day we could make that happen for real!), and come say hi. There will be weekly specials for sure!

The skinny:

Wednesdays, July 2016: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Delhi Village Green (in front of the courthouse)


Memorial Day Sale - and other updates

What retailer worth her salt wouldn't offer a Memorial Day sale? Earrings, necklaces, bracelets -- old and new -- all at special savings! Mailing list subscribers get a sneak peek later today, before the sale goes public 9 a.m. Monday May 30. This is all happening at the haliagrace etsy store; use the coupon code MEMDAY2016 starting at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning.

It's a hot weekend here in the Catskills and we're all feeling a bit clobbered by the heat and humidity. Early morning and evening hours are the only times I can function so it's off to the photo booth (AKA my kitchen table) to photograph the new earrings and bracelets I sweltered over yesterday. 

Happy Ka-BAM into summer, and may your Memorial Day weekend be full of gems! Check your inbox for that newsletter with photos of the new stuff, sale details, and a goofy selfie (of the dogs, not me!).


2016 -- The Year Ahead

Remember The Year of Living Dangerously? A great movie and a great concept - to name the year, thereby infusing it with intention. 2016 is haliagrace's breakout year, our first year with our new name and website, our new, eft-tastic look, and new approach to getting known (umm, that new approach would be getting off our duff and doing all the tasks that need to be done!). I'm so psyched about all of this I should probably name it The Year of Living Enthusiastically.  Too long? How about The Year of Being Graceful? I know I'm about as graceful as an eft but maybe dedicating the year to grace will help it grow.

So what's going on this year?

May 7 -- The Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center's fundraising event in Tannersville, NY. 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. (I will be open until at least 5 pm - after that I will pack up, sit down, and enjoy the fabulous live music). Food, crafts, wildlife displays and birds of prey demonstrations, raffles, and live music. Stop on by!

June through September - haliagrace plans to be at the Delhi Farmers Market in Delhi, NY. Wednesdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

July 4th weekend... or thereabouts... rumor has it a Craftskills Midsummer Picnic event is a distinct possibility. We're eyeing Treadwell's Stagecoach Run as the place to create this Shakespearean pickanick, arts event, and sale.

August 27 -- "Livestock" -- a fun Bovina based event with music and shenanigans and a few select craft vendors. 

September 4 - Bovina Farm Day -- a wonderful family event promoting the working farms of my super awesome town. This year it looks like farming and local makers will join together to make the event that much more wonderful.

November 12 and 13 -- The Craftskills. This is the Coachella of local arts and artisans. This is the weekend you do not want to miss. The best and the coolest will be selling their wares. We're working on making this a town wide event with other venues and other events riding on our handmade coattails. It's gonna be YUGE.

Schedule subject to change. Updates shall be posted.